Powerhouse in the making

Cold April goes to the Arizona Film Festival!!

I shot a film revisiting the tragedy of the 1994 Rwandan genocide.  It is a true story and an ensemble piece in which I play a young Tutsi school girl.  These St. Maria Goretti schoolgirls have been abandoned by their teachers and are under threat by the Hutu militias.  In order to survive they must band together to reunify their nation.

COLD APRIL World Premiered at The Arizona International Film Festival on April 23, 2010 as a REEL FRONTIER FINALIST!  The REEL FRONTIER celebrates and rewards excellence and innovation in independent media arts expression.

Next stop; the 2010 Annual Legislative Conference (ALC ’10) Film Series in Washington, DC!  There will be more details to come as we try to boost the film’s notoriety.

Cold April is due to air at several film festivals in New York as well!  When those dates are finalized I’ll be sure to let everyone know.  🙂  I’m so super psyched and proud!!http://www.coldapril.com/Trailer.html


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