Powerhouse in the making

Connecticut Audition

Being non-union can be very disheartening when it comes to an EPA open call audition. Hartford Stage in Connecticut is producing August Wilson’s “Gem of the Ocean” and what I wouldn’t give to be Black Mary! They had NYC auditions but again, I’m non union and wasn’t seen. Luckily I did some research and found out that Hartford Stage has 2011 local season auditions as well!
SO! I called and made a 10am appointment, rented a zip car, and hit the road. After a 3hr drive I made it to Hartford with time to spare and eager to be seen. Hana Sharif was in the room. She was recently appointed associate artistic director, and as luck would have it she is also director of “Gem of the Ocean”.
I felt solid with both my classical & contemporary monologue, she complimented my attire, and I was out the door-feeling quite accomplished! Even if I don’t get cast in a role this season, I left there confident that I left a good impression. I’m taking the steps necessary to be seen in this industry -that alone will pay off in the end.


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