Powerhouse in the making

Networking is Essential

People you meet can be a huge influence on your life.

Ok! So, It started with a developmental reading Allison Reeves asked me to sit in on.  After the reading while socializing over a bottle of wine, a group of young actors decided to create a think tank.  While discussing the mission of said think tank, I was invited to attend the birthday party of Lawrence Evan’s, a well known casting director in the black artist’s community. At this party I come across Mike Jones, a fellow actor who had done a staged reading with me previously.  He suggested I audition for a play he was doing in the fall.

I make the call, audition for Lorna Littleway & Bada Bing, very soon after I become the newest cast member of August Wilson’s Women!

What began as a reading turned into booked work…this is effectively how dominoes fall.   🙂


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