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Blaqabell on attaining eternal Happiness?

How to attain eternal Happiness? Blaqabell knows. Vote for her, & she’ll share magical wisdom for the rest of her days. http://ow.ly/eZ7Eq


Blaqabell-getting the Nation on track

The People have spoken, & Blaqabell’s ready to do anything to get the nation back on track! Starting with Public Enemy #1 http://ow.ly/eTs3P

Best Buy customer + busy week

Yesterday I was a B*stB*y customer & a crazy neighbor. Today an internet hooker, tomorrow a soldier, a deaf girl, & a pirate. Then next week I’ll be a poor little girl, a southern maid, then a small town girl turned voodoo priestess.

…none of that includes the time spent at my day job.

When I Grind, I grind HARD!

Jacob’s Cross Promos

The Africa Channel asked me to shoot a promo & VO for their newest season premier of Jacob’s Cross.  Will we ever find out who shot Bola?  Can Jacob reclaim control of his father’s company?  Will these estranged brothers ever accept one another?  I Don’t KNoW!!

But, ya gotta watch Jacob’s Cross to find out!  🙂

The Video promo;

And here is the VO promo;

I Got My Wings!!

So, the months of Faerie training has paid off, & I finally earned my wings!!  The nights I spent practicing face painting on my friends is over.  No more experimenting with my magic show in the shower.  Randomly scaring the neighbor’s dog with my popping balloon animals? No more!…because I AM A PROFESSIONAL.  Professional Faerie that is!  😀

Taft Hartley

The Taft-Hartley Act [aka. The Labor Management Relations Act] was co-sponsored by Republican Senators Robert Taft and Fred Hartley in 1947. It grants The President permission to diffuse labor strikes by invoking a sixty-day “cooling off” period in the hopes that either party can settle their differences on their own. This is to avoid the economic damage of a dispute that has the potential to escalate into a nationwide union strike. (in a massive nutshell) Somewhere down the road The Taft-Hartley Act was applied to the entertainment industry – Exactly how, I have yet to fully unearth – But basically, a nonunion actor who says a line on a union film or television show is immediately eligible to join the Screen Actors Guild.

I happen to be one of those actors.  So, let’s DO This SAG!  I got the money in the bank.

[Eeep, my wallet’s gonna Cryyyyyy]

Chuck the TV Show

Yay, I’m gonna be on the show!!! Aaaand that’s really all I can tell you. If I say more I wouldn’t know how to *FLASH* and save you from the CIA agents that will stealthily abduct you in the light of day.

For Reals.   😉

(Watch the show – look for me on NBC in the weeks to come)